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V.Group is the world’s leading provider of maritime services to the commercial shipping and cruise industries, and an increasing important player in the energy sector. Our expertise and resources mean we provide the best possible service and generate the highest possible returns for our clients, every time and in every situation.

Performance assured

At the heart of our brand is a truly compelling idea: Performance assured. It means we provide exceptional service and therefore generate the highest possible returns for our customers and for V.Group.

We have a proven track record in maximising long term asset value. This is achieved through our scale, procurement practices, risk management expertise, and breadth of services. We are committed and passionate, with the insight, expertise and resources to deliver the results our customers need.

It means:

  • Putting in place systems that help us manage risk effectively for an unrivaled peace of mind.
  • Flexibility, reliability and value for money, with the technical expertise and IT excellence that supports resilient, profitable operations.
  • Effective integration of services so that each part of V.Group works seamlessly to increase efficiency and maximize profit on your behalf.
  • Teams focused on looking after clients’ assets as if their own, and driven by core values of safety and personalized service, creating value, accountability and transparency

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