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V.Group is a responsible company committed to its people, its stakeholders and the environments in which we operate.

Placed at the heart of the maritime industry, V.Group is acutely aware of the many environmental challenges the world faces. We take our position as market leader in a very innovative sector seriously and we seek out and embrace initiatives and opportunities to operate sustainably and responsibly.

Our people are our greatest assets and we value them highly. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is comprehensive and inclusive, and applies equally to our shore-based and seafaring employees. We offer our people a workplace free from discrimination supported by a culture which protects their human rights, equal opportunities and dignity at work.

V.Group supports a wide range of good causes through corporate philanthropy. We are proactive in recognising and caring for our employees’ wellbeing both onshore and at sea. Many of the communities where we operate and recruit our seafarers from are developing economies with diverse cultures. V. Group is fully committed to supporting those communities, proactively assisting both the seafarer group and their families by responding to their unique issues such as separation from home and their need for good connectivity.    

Our reputation has been built on a strong foundation of honesty and transparency. We protect this and the reputations of our partners by applying the highest standards of corporate governance, comprehensive ethics and compliance procedures, and by operating a zero-tolerance approach to bribery. We ensure all polices are widely communicated and that employees have access to senior management to report any concerns immediately and confidentially.

Our shared values are summed up in our five principles of our Ethical Business Conduct:

  •          Accountability – we are personally answerable for our own conduct and actions;
  •          Honesty – we always tell the truth, whatever the circumstances;
  •          Integrity – when we say that we will do something, we do it;
  •          Openness – when questions are asked we are frank and straightforward in our answers;
  •          Respect – we value each individual we meet and treat them with dignity and thoughtfulness.

Further Information on CSR

Further details on V.Group's CSR can be viewed on the website: